Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Singing in the rain with a three year old


Ah, for those who felt sorry for Sonata's sojourn in a tent in the drizzle! It pelted down with rain at the music festival in Cropredy, and there was even a mini-tornado in one of the fields (luckily our family encampment survived). Look at that menacing sky:

But we campers (four adults and 1 child) put on our raincoats and wellington boots, and stoically trugged from tent/campervan to music field and back again (I came to envy my nephew's all-in-one rainsuit, even if he looked like a worker in a nuclear reactor or an abatoir).

Said nephew (age 3) stomped in puddles whenever he could, and once declared: "Now this is what I call a muddy track". It was hard to disagree really.


jinksy said...

I do love a big sploshy puddle - though preferably not too muddy! Lovely rainbow wellies...

Marcheline said...


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Friko said...

And i bet he loved every soggy minute of it.
Kids do, strange creatures. Have your dried out ?