Monday, 13 June 2011

Busy , Busy , Busy ... or ... Displacement Activity x 10


A long weekend and a half-year's report to write . So what do I do ?

Friday Afternoon :

Buy "new" secondhand bike as reserve , having had to walk to work once too often in the last couple of weeks . Learn how to turn key in padlock ( why is every bike lock temperamental.... in a different way ? ) .

Wrap multifarious small presents for Grandson's birthday . Post same .

Watch "Crazy In Alabama".


Build a kaleidoscope . Try to photograph inside said toy ... for an hour . Hunt for spare batteries for camera .

Read a book I've had since February , loving every page .


Just to prove I don't just read cookery books and sew small quilts , I bake a cake and read a book about sewing . " The Girl On The Wall . One Life's Rich Tapestry " by Jean Baggott

An Apricot and Coconut loaf from , very nice but VERY sweet . Husband eats 4 slices .


Assemble various files , notes and assorted flim-flam for report .

Tidy bedroom cupboard .

Make Broccoli soup . Consider making No Knead Bread . Pull myself together .

Write report .

Celebrate !

( A detail from a wine list by Edward Bawden 1933 )


BumbleVee said...

I might have eaten a few slices myself.... yum... apricots. Not so keen on the cocoanut...but, ..he.... alright.. this time.

Tattie Weasle said...

If we did no displacement activity befo a deadline then nothing would get den - I find that I am at my most creative when I have a deadline which I don't want to meet, I even start to find things I normally hate terribly interesting...

Martha said...

I have written many a paper in much the same way!!

rachel said...

Task avoidance, when pursued with gusto, can be so productive!!

love those cupcakes said...

I don't know any other approach to writing reports. The house is usually at its tidiest when I have a deadline to meet. (And I loathe housework!)

Friko said...

There you are, there really was no need to rush.

Tania said...

I am full of admiration. Were it me I would have had to set the alarm for a very early start to a Tuesday morning.

Marcheline said...

You go, girl! Am getting a bit of reading done myself, for a change.

Liz said...

Well done on writing report!

Cake looks nice. I will check out the recipe.

You MADE a kaleidoscope?!!

Sounds like a lovely weekend.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Well , from a kit .
Very easy ,though it would have been easier still had I three hands . You can personalise it by using your own "filling".... confetti perhaps , sequins or beads .I used buttons and beads . ( I'm now wondering what rice would have been like , or red lentils ?)
Anyway , the pre-schoolers liked it !

Rattling On said...

I think I live most of my life like this. I love a deadline, gets the adrenaline coursing through the veins! And who likes doing reports anyway? They are all online at my school, daresay a bit of copy and pasting goes on...

Ticking stripes said...

Must track down a copy of the Curwen book. Just discovered you and will be back. I wanted to call my daughter Jessamy - its a fabulous name and I'd never met anyone with it - that was 18 years ago - and you;re the first!

elizabethm said...

It's great the way report writing and the like makes us so productive, in ways other than report writing! Look what you got done!