Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Modern Mania

Tulip mania has mutated and rages through Holland again . Wherever you look ... Pinterest , Facebook , newspaper columns ,  keetsmakelijk.nl , and school notice boards  ... updates on everyone's AH seedlings pop out at you . According to YD , her colleagues even keep them on their desks in the office . So I make no apologies for showing you mine again .

I suppose the big difference this time is the fact that no one I've talked to hopes to make their fortunes out of them .

Easter was very low key this year and we paid tribute to the Easter Bunny with Carrot and Ginger soup instead of chocolate . Afterwards , I chaperoned my paprikas as we sunbathed briefly on the balcony and celebrated the end of winter .
On Monday Leeuwarders were spoiled for choice  . There was a Friesland Food Festival in the center , but my Scottish blood rose at the thought of paying 10 Euros entrance money so that people could sell me their cheese , especially since there's a perfectly good outlet in the town which  currently even gives you a free peppermint when you buy the stinkiest .

 Instead I went to the Spring Fabric Fair on Monday and only saw one thing I wanted  and even then , there was only a meter left and it wasn't quite the right shade . So I wandered about getting giddy with this summer's prints and colours  , wondered fleetingly what I'd make with this

... a toga , perhaps ... and realised it was time to go home when I found myself wondering whether I should buy a couple of meters of these , just in case .



English Rider said...

I think you practiced a frolic of restraint. It sounds very satisfying, with no lingering over guilt.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I would be with you on the ten euro entrance fee in order to buy things! Not even Scottish!

love those cupcakes said...

Wot, no chocolate for Easter? But I thought it was the law.

Liz Hinds said...

How thoughtful to provide a peppermint!