Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Bunny-Free Easter

Tempting though the supermarket's buttery-bunnies were , we resisted .

Come Sunday morning , YD and I were far too busy eating our own weight in peanut butter . And not just any old peanut butter ... We'd got up early on Saturday , washed out two empty jam jars ,  taken a train , found   Opgeweckt Noord  and made our own !

 Well , we did do other things as well . Chips with mayonnaise were eaten in the main square . Olives , mezze and treats were  stocked up on in the Souk

A new cafe visited , where a grey-haired chap with a topknot and bright blue beard pondered silently which of his 14 special coffees to make for us ... 40 minutes later a perfectly pleasant cup of something Colombian or maybe Ethiopian brought us out of our trance and we escaped , never to return . ( Welcome though it is , Groningen's Foodie revolution is perhaps running away with itself ... )

Shoes were admired , second hand bookshops visited and who-dunnits purchased .
Four (!)  new specialist bread-shops were admired .
Wooden toys , children's books and tasteful kitchenware approved of ... 

And the next day the decidedly unfortunate-looking , additive free peanut butter was polished off . It's DELICIOUS !  I'll definitely go back for more ...  (Since , however much I liked it  , I'm not tempted to buy a machine for myself  . Cleaning it would be a nightmare . I'll leave that to them )

* When her older sister told YD later that she too had tried Avocado oil  a while ago , YD asked what she'd thought of it  . The reply was ,
 "Oily " .
Opgeweckt Noord


love those cupcakes said...

Sounds like the perfect day out and you've pretty much listed all my favourite foodstuffs. Just missing the broccoli.

Mrs. Splapthing said...

I don't make my own peanut butter, either. I just buy the all-natural kind you have to stir for half an hour with a knife before you can eat it. I figure by the time I get it spreadable, I've worked off the calories I'll be ingesting... ha!

Liz Hinds said...

Have you read any of the Jacqueline Winspear Maisie Dobbs books? Maisie is a private investigator working in the 20s/30s. Rather enjoyable.

Anyway, I want to come and visit these wonderful places! (Except for the peanut butter making; I don't like peanut butter.) And you mean that first bunny is made of butter?!

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of peanut butter, but I think I'd have enjoyed making it myself - I know two chaps who scoop it out of the jar with a knife. But 40 minutes' waiting for a cup of coffee? A teeny bit pretentious, perhaps, unless he was doing the roasting and grinding first?

PS Mysteriously, Blogger wants me to be Anonymous, but really I'm rachel of slow lane life II.