Monday, 24 August 2009

Bust's London Summer craft fair


Although I am glad I went to this craft fair, and the atmosphere was vintage-fantastic, I must admit I felt I was missing out on something. Is it because I find it more fun to shop on ETSY and get a treat in the post than buying it off a stall? (something about the megapixels on the screen becoming real? Who knows?); or is it because I live in London, where there are more vintage sellers, designers and crafters than you can shake a stick at? Just walk down Broadway market or Columbia Road or Brick Lane. I am also, I realise, simply not the right age group for this event and the current channelling of Betty Page and other Rockabilly hairstyles, clothing and jewellery has passed me by (but should you want to start, here is a "1940's hair-reverse victory rolls" hairdo tutorial).

But here are some pics of the London event - these bags were cute, all made from vintage tea towels (there was even a Prince Charles and Lady Di one for sale!):

Another craft stall with creatures galore:

And should you have wanted to craft a bracelet at the fair, Tatty Devine had a DIY stall:

And, it was even possible to sip tea from a vintage tea cup with a cupcake or two from Lady Luck Rules OK! pop-up tea shoppe.

All in all, it was an eye opening experience of a particularly crafty sub-culture that lives, breathes, dresses, hairstyles, and even eats vintage.


Tania said...

OOOH! I'm rather liking the notion of a 1940s hair-reverse victory roll...

Tania said...

Um. Now that I have viewed that in depth tutorial, I'm going to be needing one on hair straightening and another on hairspray wielding.

urbancraft said...

us crafters do love our vintage, don't we. Although, I am over the high hair and hairspray.