Monday, 10 August 2009

A Very Nice Weekend

Sonata :

Another summer weekend .Youngest daughter tottered back from Amsterdam , carrying twelve books on the Indian Film industry ... a bit of thesis research , some sourdough bread and Lavender fuet ( a "foodie "Spanish sausage ) . I provided the olives and everyone munched and smiled .

Some studying was done , buttons were sorted and little draw-string bags were sewn , a double bass thunked in another room , a chicken was roasted and separate potatoes boiled for a man who finds roast potatoes "splintery " . A birthday bracelet from big sister was gloated over by recipient , who was wearing her grandmother's dressing gown and a pair of leggings she's had since she was eleven . Watermelon , cherry tomatoes and Melton Mowbray Hunt cake were nibbled on in turn .The sun shone on a neighbour's stained glass . Rubbish television was watched .

And now it's Monday . One more week's holiday for me . A day out beckons . Daughters are all accounted for ....oldest two , living in England , are off with their families to a music festival ( grandson in Sergeant Pepper jacket , made by his mother . This might work if he can be persuaded that it is an essential piece of equipment for Emergency workers or postmen ) . The youngest , not now wearing the leggings , is dazzling her bosses with her efficiency and charm and spending most evenings writing a few more words on India post-Independence .
Touch wood . All's right with our world .


Tania said...

Usually I have those moments while hanging out the washing. I look at the sky a bit (I'm short, the washing line isn't) and every now and then think "all is right with the world". Still one look at those olives and I wouldn't need any washing.

pennygj said...

I love the fact that one's beautiful daughters can carry of the childs-leggings-with-granny's-dressing-gown look and still look fabulous. And I too love those moments of family togetherness, nibbly foodiness, unstructured relaxedness which sprinkle through our lives like little sparkles. I enjoyed sharing yours. x

Tinniegirl said...

What a lovely post.

I love your blog. I think collaborative blogs are so fantastic. I'd love to start one, one day.

The lavender sausage sounds quite amazing.

disa said...