Monday, 17 August 2009

Cropredy for the very first time....


Recovered from the operation, I set off with partner to a village called Cropredy which becomes the site of a music festival once a year. We had never been before, but joined up with sister, her husband (both of whom had been before) and another Cropredy virgin: 2 year old nephew!

We set up camp in field 4 (there were something like 7 or 11 fields in total): with one tent, one sheltered gazebo and a campervan (2 year old nephew and expert in all matters vehicular: 'this is not a campervan, it is a van. That one - pointing out a larger one - is a campervan'). Whilst he amused himself with a fine collection of toys with wheels

We listened to the music. There was something for everyone, from punk to festival sunshine dancing with Dreadzone as well as folk and rock, but our favourites were: '4 square', 'John Jorgenson', and 'Megan and Joe Henwood', (her music can be heard on her Myspace page).

The concert field was dotted with a fine collection of flags and kites blowing in the wind:

The sun shone (mostly), and - whilst being responsible adults - we nevertheless kicked off our shoes, enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and the odd glass of wine:

I think we might just have to do it all over again next year.


Tania said...

Yep. That is precisely the sort of thing I am booking in for this summer. Along with a mint julep.

Loz and Dinny said...

Oh ... summer days ... perfect outing! This just looks too divine!

Molly said...

Britboy son, Beloved and New Babe have been festival-ing too of late. The Big Green was canceled but, nothing daunted, they camped along the banks of the Wye with friends and sundry others who'd come for the BG and a lovely time was had by all!
I don't think we have anything to compare over here, and I know Younger Son, for one,is envious!

Thanks for your visit....It's exciting to have new visitors after you've settled into a rut. Reminds you of why you started blogging in the first place---all those kindred spirits out there you just haven't met---yet!

Anonymous said...

That all sounds like lovely fun, and the sun shone too, fantastic!