Friday, 21 August 2009

A new desk accessory....


Earlier in the Summer I celebrated the arrival and installment of my new desk, and although it isn't always as clear and tidy as when I took that first blog photo, I do find I can be very productive at it. However, one thing I clearly had not anticipated was this:

She will not be discouraged! I often turn up early at my desk and she is already in place... so I guess I will have to ensure that I don't spread my papers when I am writing over the Autumn months, as she has some serious cat-napping to catch up on (obviously):

Tomorrow I am off to visit the London BUST craftacular.. and will blog about that on Sunday. I am not sure what Sonata is up to tomorrow.... but PSSSSST, it is her birthday, so wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY this Saturday!


Tania said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY SONATA! (you didn't think you could sweep that one under the carpet, did you?)

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, I have one of those! He's usually perched on top of a pile of something I didn't move in time but am trying to work from. And he bites when disturbed!
Happy Birthday Sonata, have a lovely one, and we want to hear all about it!

FWOG. A blog. By Fi and Wendy. said...

That has to be the best desk accessory I have seen for a long time (hoping my cat doesn't happen to discover your blog and comments for this post...).

Missed the actual day, but hope you had a fab birthday Sonata.