Sunday, 8 February 2009

Dreams of elegance to come .


I went off on the train with a friend yesterday afternoon. She wanted to buy a present to take to Florida this week and decided that Harlingen, a half hour away on the train, was bound to provide just the thing.

It's a very pretty little seafaring town with ferries leaving for the islands .....occasionally conversation is interrupted by a huge hoot from a ship's horn .....and, in the summer, the docks are packed with yachts and holiday makers. But on a freezingly cold February afternoon we almost had the place to ourselves.

Nice little independent shops with all manner of pretty things and some lovely modern Dutch and Scandinavian designs . Then we came upon the Harlinger Tegelfabriek and both became very covetous!

Their china is lovely and their tiles, handpainted, are stunning.

During the week the artists are at work and you can wander around and watch them at work. But being Saturday, the workshops were empty and we could examine it all at leisure. I've chosen the tiles for my kitchen .... now all I need is a Lottery win.

To see why we were so tempted Click here


Eva said...

i spent some winters in holland, in rotterdam when my husband was working for the film festival. now we have small children and we can't go and this time of year i always remember what a great time i had visiting the beautiful town of delft. small towns in holland are truly so charming. well, children are growing fast and in two or three years we can go again. i can't wait!

wild child said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog! It has been such fun to read yours and look at the lovely photos! And see your Etsy store as well! Such mother and daughter talent, both living in such interesting and charming places! I'm so very glad to meet you - I will definitely visit again!

Meg :)