Friday, 13 February 2009

Verde... and other food


Sonata is heading over to London, so we may be double-blogging at some point. A brief visit, but there will have to be some (window) shopping and some eating done as we walk around the capital.

Last Sunday, my partner and I decided to head on over to Spitalfields market, which is where author Jeanette Winterson's shop Verde and Company is:

We hadn't been to the area for ages and ages. Sadly, it is no longer what it used to be. The restaurants are all great, so there is plenty to choose from (we plumped for Canteen - yum, roast duck!). But the market itself no longer sells stuff that is exciting... still, the place was packed because it was a beautiful sunny day after all the snow.

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Eva said...

i know the feeling. i visited some places i used to frequent in high school, and they just don't appeal as tey did back then.i wonder if it's me that's changed, or the place. a litle of both, i guess.

have a great time together!make the most of it!