Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Day

Pancake day doesn't exist as such in Holland ....though Carnival is celebrated in the south of the country . But that doesn't matter in a country where pancakes are everyone's favourite meal and eaten in industrial quantities by all , all year round . There are even special pancake ships in every big town . I think it's a franchise thing . Ours , in Leeuwarden , is a pretty two-masted clipper , moored in the center of town , where you can choose from a huge variety of pancakes for a cheery , filling supper . And the ideal place for children to hold a pirate birthday party .Still , we'll be eating our pancakes at home tonight and I must get back to work on a little quilt .....looking as graceful and diligent as the Leicester Seamstress , I hope . ( Sculpture by James Walter Butler RA and put up to celebrate the countless hosiery workers who made Leicester wealthy .)


Eva said...

i find it very interesting how carnival is celebrated differently indifferent places and somewhere not at all. it's quite a big day here for some people. we don't have pancakes though, but some kind of fried bread filled with marmelade.

thanks for the photo of the seamstress.it's a very beautiful and delicate statue and a nice way to remember workers and acknowledge their importance.

Redwoodhouse said...

Pancakes, who said pancakes I completely forgot about pancake day and I love them, the thought of a pancake ship is lovely what a fun idea. I'm off to buy lemons to go on my late making pancakes tonight.