Tuesday, 17 February 2009

London weekend


A joint blog this time! A little sight seeing was done, as we wandered through the city from eating opportunity to eating opportunity.

And a lot of eating was done: steak and frites, Tapas, Lamb pilav, gourmet cheeses from Borough market and stunning bread from Hoxton.

Thus fortified, we went from market to market, including the flower market at Columbia Road. This is one of the murals that are on a school wall.

It wasn't all just eating, as we window shopped as well. There are lots of lovely shops, including this new venture 'The Powder Room', where staff are dressed in a vintage look reminiscent of a 1950s nightclub. They can paint your nails, make you up, and so on. We just looked through the window!

At the end of the market, many flowers are sold at a discount - so you hear lots of sellers crying out: 'look at these lovely roses. 3 bunches a fiver. You can even give some to your friends'.

Well, we can't give any flowers to all our readers (lol!), however we have decided to run a competition. Which of these photos are of real cakes? The one on the left or the one on the right? Leave a comment and you (dear reader!) can win a bag of buttons. If more than one reader is out there, then the cat will put her paw on a name to choose the winner.


JaneLock said...

Reading this I could almost get homesick for London..... almost xx

Eva said...

hmm...the chocolate cupcakes look like real cupcakes to me, they could easily be homemade. but then again, i have seen elaborate, plastic-looking edible cakes as well. i can't tell which are real, but the cupcakes look more appetizing to me. did i bite into plastic?

Redwoodhouse said...

Thanks for the visit, these cupcakes look real to me and I am pretty good on cakes as I eat rather a lot of them!!! having said that I think the other works of art maybe real as well!