Sunday, 7 June 2009

All around the world....


I dipped out of view, because it is exam season at my college and I had stacks of marking to do (pile is slowly diminishing so am able to come up for air). Remember how I showed you the study a few weeks ago? Getting that room back after decorators and furniture fitters had done their finest has meant that we are gradually getting bits of our house back as we unpack. Like this corner of the living room:

The blue set of drawers was found abandoned on the street a few weeks ago, so we hoisted that into the back of the car and gave it pride of place (bottom drawer, Xmas ornaments; middle drawer, games like Monopoly and vintage puzzles; top drawer, sensible stuff like napkins!). The globe was bought at auction a few years ago, when we were buying stuff to resell... but it appears to have decided to stay. The 'Sweet Williams' came home today from the farmer's market. The juke box in the corner does work, and now we can reach it again we may get around to playing it once more!

As the study still looks like a bomb has gone off, I will show you one pretty corner of it. Once some more boxes are out of the way, I will show it in its full glory. A victorian hand-decorated scrap screen, I so wish I knew who had spent their time choosing scraps or cutting pages from magazines to decorate these panels!

We have put an armchair in that corner, so it should be a fine place to sit and think!


Tania said...

Hey, NICE corners. Am fully subscribed to having lovely bits of history with stories to tell, lurking around in a home, although I have to confess the 'sit and think' thing seems somewhat unlikely! (she types as she hears a 'marble run' being constructed from any lovely bits of history with too many stories to tell in her own living room)

GUGAW said...

The unpacking is looking good so far, your globe is lovely x

Jo James said...

What treasures!