Saturday, 13 June 2009

A Little Bit of Green Like The Queen

Sonata :

Having read on the BBC News page this morning that the Queen ( English , not Dutch ) now has an allotment in the grounds of Buckingham Palace , I realise that it isn't just my imagination . Green is the new Black .

I went to Ikea on Friday and amongst all the quaintly named blonde wood items ( a tilted computer table called Dave ? ) , I found a gorgeous green velvet , vibrant as a tropical toad . Of course I had to bring a piece home . Even my husband agreed that it had to join Groggy in the trolley .

One day I'll make something with it , meanwhile I'm just admiring it and , childish as ever , giggling about Groggy and Froggy .

There's a Flickr website called Green Is Beautiful . I'm a member ( with the same name as this blog , we share it ) , along with 36, 654 other people , and a great game for a wet afternoon is to add a photo to the group and see how long it is till it's shuffled off by the new arrivals took about 20 minutes the other day . The page is so bright and zingy it's almost as good as having one's own allotment .

I feel the way northern European peasants felt , centuries ago after a long dark winter . In love with all the sharp tanginess of it all


Tania said...

DAVE or DAVĂ‹? Very Stanley Kubrick/Space Odyssey of Ikea!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

How clever ! I was just amused that it seemed to called after my very nice builder ! Sonata

Loz and Dinny said...

the world needs more green velvet I say! oh and a bottle opening that reminds you of what to drink and how you'll feel after a night of drinking too much of it - GOLD! Ikea - they think of everything!