Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Young Man I Know

Sonata :

For the last few months there's a chap I've been getting the occasional phonecall from . A little deep breathy "Hello Granny " . ... then a few gurgles , an even breathier " Bye Bye ", a giggle ....and gone . Very endearing .

So despite the fact that , the last time when his mother asked him , "Do you want to talk to Granny ? " all he said was a breezy "Nope " as he galloped past , I would like to find that surprisingly elusive wooden train accessory , a tunnel , for his birthday .

After all , being twice as old as you were last year is quite an achievement !

All that seems to be on offer at the moment is something hideous covered in polystyrene "rocks" , costing almost as much as a real life-size one on the Côte D'Azur . Perhaps he'd like that instead ?
Both the illustrations are from some ancient Pixi-Bucher . The first by Rhoda McGrath , the second by G . Mauser-Lichtl .

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Tania said...

Come on Granny, surely you can never be too young to be introduced to the wonder of a (too-big-to-swallow) very own button collection?