Thursday, 18 June 2009

Out and about at Sissinghurst


We went camping in our van over the week-end, and stayed in a lovely field in Kent. It was sunny enough to sit out in the evening and watch the clouds drift by.

So we were up and about early the next day and arrived at Sissinghurst before they started limiting the entry to the garden. Photos next time as internet connection is playing up today!
The place itself is charming, with stunning views from Vita's tower:

We had lunch, as they had a fat-free soup of beetroot, potato and cumin, and this delightful rhubarb jelly:
I had to buy Adam Nicolson's 'Sissinghurst: an unfinished history' in the shop, which is very engaging. Adam, a descendant of Vita's who is now a 'donor family' in residence at Sissinghurst writes eloquently about his battles with the National Trust to restore the land surrounding the garden as a farm. His descriptions of nature are such that I feel I am still there, walking the land, rather than back in London. His abilty to capture the irony of his situation, living in a place that is his family home and yet not his to run, ensures it is an insightful and, sometimes, funny book about British class and culture.

To conclude, although not at all as tidy or beautiful as Sissinghurst, here is a shot of my garden with its roses in untidy bloom and the bottle-brush tree filling up with flowers. On our return we found that the artichoke plant had bestowed on us a gift which was eaten for supper!


Tania said...

ooooohhh! I'm loving your version of Sissinghurst. Things way too cold and crispy in winter and hot and crispy in summer to get my garden looking anything close to that. I'd like to just pop over for a sit and a little read if that's ok with you?

GUGAW said...

what a cute little van!