Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Swap Loot


I took part in the Cart Before the Horse's squares swap and am delighted with my lovely share of the loot !

20 different 10"squares which I'm gloating over . I'm busy planning what to do with them , though some have already decided for me , since they're perfect for tiny quilt pieces . And then there's the square with one of Jo Curry's lovely prints on

which can't be chopped up ! A center panel in a patchwork cushion maybe or I might frame it and hang it next to my tottering stash . I've already got one of The Black Apple's prints there , that lovely one of the girl , sleeping under a patchwork quilt .

Meanwhile , I've added another Flickr group , I Love Haberdashery , to my evergrowing list . Vintage sewing notions heaven !! Cards of buttons , old lace , wooden spools of thread , vintage packets of needles in an astonishing variety of designs and even some Lurex RicRac . Had I known that such a thing as lurex ricrac existed , I would have insisted on it instead of the serviceable green variety my grandmother was so fond of as a trimming for little girls' sun dresses . But perhaps it was invented later ....Switzers in 1950s Dublin probably wouldn't have stocked it anyway .
I had to photograph something haberdashery-ish to put up on the group page . After a rummage about and battling with wilting batteries , here it is . Some bead trim , with what I think are Bugle beads ( ? ) , far too worn-looking to be used as such now ..and rather matronly really ...... but I love wondering what it was used on before I found it .

And I'm sure I can find some more suitable subject matter somewhere in the pile of boxes and bags that is threatening to take over the house !


Tania said...

You deserve to gloat - especially at the Jo Curry print. I made myself give that swap a miss and for what? Do I remember which work project was keeping me too busy at the time? NO! Would I be gloating into the wee small hours if I had managed to get my act in to gear? Sigh...

Enjoy your lovely new stash!

GUGAW said...

that bead trim is beautiful!