Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Lovely blogs!

Smitonius and Sonata:

Thanks to Tania from Myrtle & Eunice for nominating us as One Lovely Blog!

There are rules, and we need to name 15 blogs... unsure we will get that high (not because they are not there in the blogosphere, but we have a very small circle of virtual acquaintances!) Although named, you are not tagged, unless you want to be!

1. Molly Chicken: for lovely stuffies and her sense of humour!

2. Luckybeans: for her photos. and warm gentle blog.

3. petit details: eye candy!

4. Redwood House: for all manner of beautiful cards.

5. Cowboys & Custard: all the lovely photos and her cards!

6. Aunt June: for her quilting and colours.

Of course there are many more, and we will probably think of 16 after we have published the post, but these are a few of our favourite blogs.

1 comment:

Cowboys and Custard said...

Thank you so much for this!
I am a dreadful one to tag as I never seem to get around to passing them on.. not intentional..just time is so elusive..
I am very grateful though and accept my award graciously...

Hope you get to Banksy.. It is has haunted me since our visit..You will love it!

Michele x