Saturday, 18 July 2009

Summer days


Whilst my mother visits her grandson (age 2. A boy who, for the last two weeks, has been pretending to be a cat). She will no doubt finds loads more textile and button treasures up there in the Midlands, but I am escaping in the campervan for one night. We are crossing over to France, hoping to visit loads of Brocante and Braderie (flea markets to you and me) on Sunday. Will show photos on return! In the meantime, this is my idea of a Summer's day, bees buzzing and bobbing on lavender flowers.

The bee was hard at work in the gardens of Scotney Castle, and although, for some reason, I failed to photograph the house itself, I did take one of their picturesque ruin at the bottom of the garden. I could live in that quite happily!


Tania said...

You lot over there, do the most excellent bumble bees. I often wondered how they managed to keep themselves in the air they look so fat. Ours over here, are way too skinny and look like they need a good meal and a bit of a blow dry to fluff 'em up.

Loz and Dinny said...

Ah - so nice to gaze through the window of your blog and see a gorgeous summer peeping out ... I'm with you - I'd be fine with ruin :)