Friday, 24 July 2009

There's More Art Deco Than You'd Think

Sonata :

If you only rarely venture out of London , you're surprised to discover the Art Deco charms of England in July

Colchester's Dutch Quarter , for instance , is full of brightly coloured cottages .

Chester ( not a pet name for Colchester but somewhere quite different ) was all Elizabethan beams and hollyhocks by leaded windows . Not to mention masses of ladies , young and old , dressed to kill in pretty frocks and , what Smitonius assures me , are called fascinators . But more of this some other time .

And Scotney Castle had too many charms to mention .... including this boat house on the lake .

Because Art Deco , as used in greetings cards and nursery rhyme books , seemed to be everywhere last week , I was pleased to discover this plaque to Jane and Ann Taylor in Colchester . Jane wrote the words to "Twinkle , Twinkle Little Star " two hundred years ago and I still sing the song on an almost daily basis to toddlers today .

And in Lincoln , ( when I buy a 3-day travel card I use it ! ) I found an Art Deco tin , full of old buttons, which I'm still sorting through and admiring .

Meanwhile I'm delighted to say that Smitonius , minus gallbladder and impressive gallstone , is feeling better by the minute and will no doubt be blogging very soon .........about France or , indeed , Chester .


Tania said...

My speedy get well, feel better soon wishes to Smitonius. Perhaps the wearing of one of those fascinator creations would have her feeling a whole lot spiffier in next to no time?

Duyvken said...

I adore that boathouse!
And get well soon wishes for Smitonius.

FWOG. A blog. By Fi and Wendy. said...

Thanks for the impressive selection of Art Deco inspiration – this will no doubt help with some renovation ideas at home... I particularly love that huge swatch of yellow on the building.

Hope Smitonius is feeling better after that ordeal.

Anonymous said...

I've only just discovered you, via Knitting Iris, but love your blog and will call again! Best wishes for a rapid recovery for Smitonius,