Thursday, 9 July 2009

Temptation Alley


No sooner had I arrived in London and had a fleeting drink with my daughter than I shot off to look for buttons. So first to the various Cloth Shops (Berwick Street and Portobello Road), where they have button tins, the contents of which they sell for 10 pence per button for charity. Really pretty vintage ones as well as modern ones. And then to Temptation Alley (Portobello):

A tiny shop where they sell every kind of ribbon and trimming known to crafter, look at this lovely wall of glitter!

And , under the influence of all this extravagance , I chose glittery buttons as well!

What do you think about the hat shaped one? Apparently it is from the 1940s.


Tania said...

All that time living in London and I was yet to discover my inner craft. All those treasures I could have unearthed! (I crossed Portobello Road every working day!)

Loz and Dinny said...

I'm with Tania - why did I not know about this place when I lived in Ol' Blighty ... so so so tasty treats