Sunday, 5 July 2009

Swap bounty!


I participated in Clasheen's handmade Summer swap, and received delightful goodies from Chrissie Galley. She shall receive my goody bag next week (though I gather from her blog that she is away somewhere truly beautiful until mid-month). Chrissie spoilt me rotten, I must say: at first all I could see was a muslin bag tied up with string, and at each end of the string a small moss-green and lavender felt heart.

Inside the bag, lo and behold! (excuse flowery language, for I was truly impressed): little packages wrapped in old clothes pattern tissue paper, and a sweet little box. Oh, what to open first....Tis truly a daft question. The box, of course!

Which contained treasures: small snapshots, a felted acorn beautifully life-like, lots of tiny paper hearts and one ceramic heart, and an old British coin should one just happen to find oneself walking in-between-the-linings of time and wind up in a sweet shop (hopefully just after rationing stopped).

There was, also, a hand-made felt brooch

Gift tags and a small note-book handprinted by SORT

But, hold your breath, for I have not yet finished. This amazing woman also included a hand-made felt bag in navy blue.

If you love her stuff, pop over and feast your eyes further at her etsy shop. I must dash as I have rather a lot of spoling to hand-make and post in return!


Loz and Dinny said...

What a truly beautiful swap parcel ... everything is just gorgeous!! Heading over to peek in her shop!

Tania said...

Love the flowery language - and couldn't be more appropriate given the bees knees-ness of your excellent swap package.

Chrissie said...

So pleased you approve of the contents - it was a bit nerve-wracking as my first time! And really kind of you to blog about it - thank you.

GUGAW said...

ooh i recognise that packaging, brought a beautiful brooch of 'makeyourpresencefelt' last year!