Saturday, 26 September 2009

Ancestral dogs don't bark


One of the lines in my family tree connects with Walter Glynn (1837-1905), a shipowner from Liverpool, who lived in his later years with his family between two properties. One of them was called The Lydiate, in Willaston (Cheshire), which is now converted into luxury flats.

The second property was called Bryn Hir in Criccieth. This is the one we managed to see on our recent trip. It is a listed building, and I think belonged to a local land owner called Owen Jones Ellys Nanney, from whom Walter Glynn must have rented it. It is, in fact, much larger than these photos can show - if only walls could talk! It looks as though the ballroom (or billiard room?) will have been built whilst they lived there. Clockwise: front porch of the house with the ballroom or billiard room on the right; a glimpse of that room through the window; one cobweb covered lion on, perhaps, the kitchen door?; the top of the porch door. The views must have been marvelous, though it is impossible to know as the gardens are so overgrown now. It is rumoured to be up for sale soon, but I don't have a spare half a million pounds (or whatever it may cost)!

Although they only rented it, the property must have meant a lot to the Glynn family. One of Walter's sons (Walter Samuel Glynn) had a kennel called 'Byn Hir Kennels'. He bred Welsh Terriers and Welsh ponnies. In fact, one of his champion dogs, for he did well at Crufts, was stuffed and mounted after death and donated to the British Museum. He is now displayed in Gallery 6 of the Natural History Museum in Tring. I think I must pop over and pay a respectful visit.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing house but quite forbidding. I often wish for more space but I think a place like that would frighten me to death so I won't be hunting around for that spare half million either!

Tania said...

Tres posh - even if the grounds are overgrown - and tres, tres posh to have an 'ancestral' stuffed pooch in a museum. I am suitably impressed.

Loz and Dinny said...

Ooooo - A country ancestral abode ... love it! and in North Wales - even better ... how exciting you got to track this all down. You guys must be in line for the throne ... sure of it!

Monica said...

don't you just love family historY?