Wednesday, 16 September 2009

SPIDERS ! Proceed With Caution

Sonata :

I thought I'd better start with a warning because I know that not everyone can bear to see them , even on screen .

But , if you're still with us , then I'll begin :
Though it is beautifully sunny and warm today , it's still definitely September and , here at least , that usually means spider time . This year we seem to be rubbing elbows with thousands more than usual .....even the pre-schoolers have noticed and watch the spider that has a web outside the playschool window with deep interest . She is , apparently , called Lotte and seems , thanks to the wind , to wave back to them all , their noses pressed to the glass .

Naturally "The Very Busy Spider " by Eric Carle has to be read .... and felt ( the growing web on each page is raised slightly ) .

Spiders must be glued to crayonned webs and inspected by an appalling glittery one with tiny ruby glass eyes .

And , when I come home for lunch , I have to negotiate with the fat one who lives in the tomato plants for a tomato or two to eat with my cheese .


GUGAW said...

aww how sweet! great to get kids enjoying and respecting spiders rather than being scared of them. there do seem to be an awful lot of the chunky ones around this season...

rachel said...

I have a fat spider like that one in my back yard! A different one lives under my passenger-side car mirror, and regularly spins a new web there, only to have it tattered by the car being driven.

And in the early morning, the air is filled with barely-visible silken threads... it's spider time all right. Shame they don't eat wasps - they're everywhere too!

pennygj said...

Oooh er! Spiders are NOT my thing but I bravely read your post anyway!

Tania said...

Now if you were going to talk vermin, then you would have lost me then and there. But spiders are a whole other kettle of fish (that don't swim).

iain said...

I'm an ex-pat Brit living in California, and have been enjoying the lovely webs spun by the beautiful big Californian Garden Spiders; there are also Black Widows nesting in little nooks and crannies, but they're venomous and one doesn't want a bite from one of those buggers. However, I wish them no harm -
"If you happy would be / Let the spider run free."