Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Taking It Easy .

Sonata :
Reading all these posts I'm always agog at what everyone does . They look after their families while working , crochet while in the Lotus position , whip up gourmet meals while finishing off their umpteenth quilt , spin their own wool from a pet Llama , grow pumpkins and make pickles , knit at traffic lights .... and all at the same time .

Not being of the same calibre , I've cut 31 giraffes out of yellow card , sewn two little drawstring bags , made a very nice pot of Lentejas ( lentils , preferably Puy , cooked slowly with a couple of pork ribs and chorizo ) . I went to a very pretty exhibition http://www.schervenengeluk.nl of china chosen by couples over the last hundred years for their wedding list with a photo of each couple and a sample of their choice

and walked through a little local book fair and admired this

while purchasing a vintage Bestway Fancy Dress pattern book ( I'll show you another time , I promise ... it's got a few must-haves in it ) .

And it's taken me all WEEK !

Mind you , what I lack in boundless energy I make up for in cunning and I've enrolled Friend , the demon knitter , in the little hats project for the Innocent Big Knit . So I'll still have a little time to


rachel said...

31 giraffes would be enough for me in a week, without all the rest - well done you!

Tania said...

Yeah, well don't go changing. I'm aiming to take more leaves out of your book.

PS. There is only one thing worse than the Smitonius and Sonata awful-est word vote and the Myrtleandeunice version. And that is them both together.

Loz and Dinny said...

I'm with Rachel on the giraffes - and as for that exhibition - that is so up my alley ...I want to go!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Giraffes? ...! Hmmm...You've beaten me tho', all I seem to have done for the last month is follow the puppy with a mop. (I have the mop, not the puppy) It sounds like you are ticking over nicely tho'.

Suse said...

That exhibition sounds wonderful.

But what's with the giraffes?