Friday, 4 September 2009

Going Into Cosy Mode

Sonata :

The miniature Grandmother's Garden quilt is finally finished and up on Etsy and I have a little time on my hands

So I went to Cuba last weekend

Well , the "Cuba "exhibition at the Groningen Museum ( , ) anyway . We really liked it . The black and white '50s photos of Cuban nightlife and Marcelo Pogolotti's graphic 1930s paintings of top-hatted capitalists and huddled masses were marvellous , as was Carlos Garaicoa's installation "Now Let's Play Disappear " , where a city is represented by building shaped candles , which slowly burn and melt away .

Cultured , always refined but amazingly peckish , Friend and I then rushed off to lunch where a salad of Roasted Vegetables seemed ladylike and filling , especially when eaten with cheesey pastries ( fat content of this rather odd but delicious meal is probably scary , so I didn't even begin to think about it ) .

But now it's cold and grey , wet and windy . There's a lamb stew in the oven and an afghan over my toes on the sofa . I've found this yarn in the op/thrift/charity shop

and , very taken by the label and the fact that it was only 20 cents a ball , I'm knitting a scarf . Perhaps I'll even finish it ? You'll notice there are no lacey patterns , cables or intentional holes ....or indeed anything other than knit 1 , knit 1 , knit another 1 till the wool runs out or I get bored . Smitonius is the knitter of the family , not me .

edit: the little quilt sold overnight .
And , VERY IMPORTANT , , I'd forgotten that it's time to start knitting little hats again ! Little pompom hats to put on Innocent Smoothies being sold in Sainsbury's come November .
620,000 are needed to raise about 250, 000 Pounds in England for cookery clubs for the elderly , to be run by Help The Aged and Age Concern .
I can't knit that many by myself .....I'll need help .


Anonymous said...

YES! I'd forgotten about the little hats! Our Knit and Stitch group are on Macmillan squares at the moment but we need something else after that! Thanks for your Planet Penny comments, you'll see you have sparked a bit of reminiscing. x
ps the quilt is beautiful!

Tania said...

I'm not surprised that gorgeous quilt sold in the blink of an eye. Can only imagine you'll be needing therapy to be able to part with it.

Lucette said...

Your little quilt is adorable and will make someone very happy.

FWOG. A blog. By Fi and Wendy. said...

How brilliant to casually say 'So I went to Cuba last weekend...'.

The exaggerator that I am would have left it at that without explaining further, but it looks like you had a brilliant time at the exhibition.

melissa said...

wow- i'm not at all surprised that your lovely little quilt sold so quickly. your fine patchwork is amazing!