Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Red All Over


There was no gallivanting this weekend . Having got hold of kilos of huge , very tasty vine tomatoes , I set about slow-roasting them and freezing them in batches of 10-12 halves per pack . Fabric , Paper , Thread at http://www.fabricpaperthread.blogspot.com/ had suggested in her blog a couple of weeks ago that a few of these , thrown into a suitable quantity of chicken broth with a jollop of cream , made a light and delicious tomato soup . And it does ! Plate-lickingly good , especially if you can throw some basil into the blender too . Sieving is a good idea if you're not keen on pips .

That kept me fairly tied to the house . That and an inability to stop sneaking another roasted tomato half when no-one was looking .

But I sat in a comfortable chair , listened to Ian Rankin's "The Falls "on audiocassette and knitted ..... not these bobble hats

but these

for the Innocent Smoothie Big Knit. Yes , I know these have buttons and bows instead of pompoms but how many pompoms can you make in a row without running amok ?
Now for the next batch of both tomatoes and hats .


Lorrie said...

They certainly are easy to eat - almost like candy. I find myself snitching them when I'm in the kitchen, too. Glad you enjoyed them - and thanks for the link up.


Loz and Dinny said...

Where was this delish recipe when I was harvesting a semi-trailer load of tomatoes! The innocent smoothie knit is such a gorgeous idea! I love those smoothies! The guys sporting those stylish beanies look like 'The Monkeys'. Ps where is the best place to respond to all your lovely comments over at mine?? Here? There?

Tania said...

Actually, I'm with Gemma on EVERYTHING. There is a way of activating your email if you wanted to? (I could dig out an instructional link...?). Then it's possible to reply to comments you leave. Understand if that's not what you're after. Oh, and I'll be back to investigate that roasted tomato scrumptiousness in six months when our vines are heaving!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice that there are some things which are utterly scrumptious that you can indulge in without guilt? totally yummy!