Friday, 18 September 2009

Giving Myself A Deadline

Sonata :

Later this afternoon , I am putting another little doll quilt up on Etsy . See! I've put it in black and white , which means I'd better stop pottering about and employing every diversionary tactic known to man .....I'd better finish sewing the binding .
Oh , that's not me in that photo above , by the way , but a 1936 cover girl from a vintage "Panorama ". I would have killed for that dollies' tea-set !


Loz and Dinny said...

and don't they look jolly! The dolly being fed has quite the hairdo! Good luck with the quilt!

pennygj said...

Something I've got to do - a deadline. Higgins' arrival has seen the death of creativity around here. Must try harder... I love your little quilts. I will be inspired!

Tania said...

Does that post-it-on-a-blog-and-you'll-really-have-to-do-it scenario work for you too then? Handy, gizmos those blog things!