Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Buttons , buttons , buttons .

Sonata :

Don't panic ! Dutch cats will be making an appearance very soon , but meanwhile .....My new hobby seems to be photographing buttons . They're amazingly photogenic, stay still without coaxing or bribery and are easily found around the house even when one's not in the grip of button fever

That's why I've started to put photos of them on the Flickr group Granny's Button Stash's just another way to show off really !
Sometimes it's about the pattern

Sometimes it's just about the colour

But to close , here's another couple of photos from Amsterdam . Our lunch on Monday before we all went our separate ways . It was in a little cafe in the center of town . A tiny old house with a really tiny back yard , full of tables and flowers

The open sandwich on the right was specially made for us to be as fat free as possible .....and it succeeded to a fault ! But , like every lunch we had that weekend , we enjoyed it all

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Tania said...

The pattern on the green button is amazing. We have a fairly well-stocked button bowl around here but I take my hat off to your vintage collection I have been seeing glimpses of over the last little while.