Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Early Easter Greetings


A Happy Easter to those who celebrate Easter as a holiday and a happy long weekend to those of you who don't .
I'm off to Amsterdam on Thursday to stay with youngest daughter in her student flat on the Prinsengracht , just three steps away from The Ann Frank House . Smitonius and partner should be arriving about the same time in their camper van , which they'll be staying in in a campsite nearby-ish .We're all going to spend the weekend as tourists . Fun !! We plan to sit on cafe terraces , eating lots of good food , which someone else will have lovingly prepared
Museums will be visited .....but not the Van Gogh because the queues are a little long at holiday weekends . The Amsterdam Historic Museum , on the other hand , is never too busy and , in the courtyard at the moment , there's a free exhibition called My Chidhood Home where 45 Amsterdammers from 12 different countries show how they remember their youth

Endless window-shopping will be done , more cafes will be visited , vintage clothes , old books , antiques and buttons will probably be admired and quite possibly another couple of cafes will be inspected .
This is actually in Antwerp , but you get the idea .
Mind you , as we're not a hen party , we won't be wearing tiaras , pink tee-shirts and a silly grin ....well , maybe the silly grin . And I , for one , am not planning to run round shrieking ....but who knows ?
We'll take loads of photos and later show a select few ....or more ....to you later.


Cowboys and Custard said...

Have a wonderful time Sonata... I don't think you can fail in a place like Amsterdam. I love it!!!
In fact I can picture just where you are as we were visitors there last September and stood outside Anne Frank's house feeling most humbled and emotional.

Happy Hols..

P.s Thank you so much for mentioning my card.. I do hope you liked it!

Tania said...

From what I hear, there is a sniff of Spring in the air and we all know that is enough to bring the Dutch to outdoor cafes in droves! Wishing you the very loveliest of Easters...

Redwoodhouse said...

Sounds like you are in for a lovely time in Amsterdam, Anne Frank's book never fails to touch me I would love to visit Amsterdam some time it is a place I am yet to travel to. My daughter has been and loved it.
Have a wonderful time and wishing you a Happy Easter Time...