Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Front Doors , Various .


While Smitonius was photographing cats , I was admiring front doors .
To start in style ....is there any other way ?....here's the Dutch design team Viktor and Rolf 's front door on one of the grander streets in the center
Then there are hard to find front doors :

Old front doors , with or without falcons :

Business front doors :
and , yes , that is an electric whisk you can see .Isn't it wonderful !

Grand doors or less grand ones :
just as long as there are stairs up to them .

And sometimes it's not so much the door you're looking at , but the hotel palm repair team hard at work , duster to hand .

And for the real enthusiast there's Do-It-Yourself doors . I want these .......and the 1900's flat to go with them , in Amsterdam would be nice .

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Tania said...

The Dutch so do doors. Is it something to do with the average height? Are doorways higher than downunder? Because ours look a whole lot less imposing and impressive. And thinking about it, when certain Dutch friends come to play they do seem to do a lot of ducking.