Thursday, 16 April 2009

Easter In Amsterdam 2009


The sun shone , no one shrieked , not even me .... and we all laughed a lot . We walked and walked , saw lots of different corners of Amsterdam and Haarlem

(my new toy , Picasa 3 , in evidence again )

We ate well , sat in cafes and did a lot of window-shopping , from Kitsch

to Glamour

and had a marvellous time !!


We camped at Zeeburg, which is about 15 minutes away from the centre of Amsterdam - and I think we were the smallest campervan there!

As we walked around, we admired window displays both old and new: not only are there some beautiful antique and vintage shops, there are some crafty handmade delights to be found as well - look at these cute felt houses!

Also admired many ceramic tiles in Amsterdam doorways and inside Haarlem's Catholic Basilica:

Of course, Amsterdam does not look like Amsterdam without canals (and cafes on canals)

or tulips, now does it?

In my next posts, I will show you my collection of snapshots of Dutch cats - it was so sunny they had all come out to sunbathe next to their owners' very smartly decorated windowsills... I don't know who has more impecable taste, the Dutch cat or its human!


Tania said...

It certainly sounds as though your Easter was infinitely preferable to mine (thanks for your words of wisdom - kid doing well, parents still traumatised!).

That campervan thing is obviously working well. Hopefully there aren't too many freezing nights at the moment. I suspect you could get TWO posts on Dutch cats and then Dutch windowsills!

Redwoodhouse said...

Looks like a lovely time was had by all to me, I am yet to visit Amsterdam but will make it there one day that is for sure.
I love the camper van we are thinking about getting one but I want a loo and shower other than that I don't mindwhat it is like, getting fussy in my old age....

GUGAW said...

ooh nice kitsch window display!