Saturday, 4 April 2009

Campervaning in Devon


It is the start of the camper van season, not only did the clocks go forward last weekend but we ventured out in our Suzuki Supercarry Danbury campervan 'Blueberry'. Here she is from a distance:

We went to Devon to visit the MIL (mother in law) so spent one night in the van on the way down and one on the way up to London... enough really, as the first night it was freezing! I considered going to sleep in my woolly hat! We visited Yearlstone Vineyards in Bickleigh and, of course, had to sample some of their fantastic English wine (try their No. 1):

The view from the terrace is beautiful, particularly with a glass of rose wine in hand:

We also managed our first foraging of the season: wild garlic:

For those of you who have watched this year's Masterchef, Matt Follas has called his foodie blog Wild Garlic... if only I had the recipe to do his wild garlic puree! But will have to make do with making wild garlic soup (without the cream, as it doesn't need it!) as well as tomato and wild garlic pasta sauce - for this we just:

1 small onion
rapeseed oil
can of tomatoes
generous squeeze tomato puree
wild garlic leaves - chopped

Chop onion and fry gently in rapeseed oil. Add the chopped wild garlic after onion has softened. Continue to cook until wilted and a bright dark green. Add splash of wine and cook it off. Add tomatoes, and bring to boil then simmer. After ten minutes add tomato puree, and cook until sauce is nicely thick.


Tania said...

That's it. You guys have officially taken up the position of Foodie Gurus as far as I am concerned. Wild Garlic Soup sounds positively decadent.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Devon and wild garlic.. two things close to my heart!
My mother would make wild garlic and cream cheese sauce that was tres delicieux!
I have a small forest of it at the end of our garden so shall be following in her culinary footsteps..

Michele x