Monday, 20 April 2009

Horribly Spoilt !


I've had a very good week ! Accessories Of Old ( I should make a link , but I still have varied success rates with link-making , so , if you look at our sidebar , you'll see her among our Favourites ) had a giveaway a couple of weeks ago and , though I didn't win , I received these lovely buttons as a consolation prize . It worked ! I was delighted and felt consoled immediately I opened the envelope

I've posted separate , so rather clearer , photos of these and a few other button finds on Flickr in Granny's Button Stash , which I'm a fairly new member of .

At a Collectors Fair this weekend a friend and I , bitten by the button - and assorted haberdashery - bug , admired lots of lovely stalls . I must have looked especially deserving because I was given 2 freebies .

The little embroidery probably comes from a First Communion Missal . This was the last one the Belgian stallholder had left and , as I was admiring its delicate colours , she gave it to me . And then , at another stall , where I bought 4 little pieces of old lace , I was given this tiny card of buttons . The graphics are stunning ! Friend , a generous woman , didn't seem to hold it against me !

Meanwhile , the sun is still shining and "For This Week Only "* the bushes along our street are full of these stinky , but beautiful , flowers .
* Rain ruins them .


Tania said...

Hooray for consolation prizes! Even the stinky flowers offer consolation in not hanging around too long...

Cowboys and Custard said...

I think those stinky flowers are the same that I have in the garden.. Spirea Bridal Bouquet.. so pretty in flower arrangements.
I could kick myself for missing that giveaway.. I am rather in awe of Accessories of Old...