Sunday, 17 May 2009

Another Lazy Weekend


Saturday night was devoted to Eurovision , of course . Unmissable , you'll never see that much glitter anywhere else . The songs are not what it's about really .....and I say that as the only member of the school choir who mimed most of the time . Well , I couldn't cope with the descant bits and the nun in charge , Madame Alexander , a lovely woman , but deaf to opposition , brushed off my pleas for release with her usual "Nonsense , just Concentrate ! " Well , they concentrated last night , most of them . But I think I've seen enough people giving it their all for a while .

On my own this weekend so lunch at the computer

Today it's my version of the Low Fat Oat Scones that Smitonius bakes . No , I haven't burnt them . I used wholemeal flour and replaced honey with molasses because that's what I had ... then ate them with butter and cheese . Delicious ! With Tregothan Earl Grey tea ( their website is and they grow lovely tea in Cornwall , which they then blend with Indian tea . They're descended from the Earl Grey the blend is named after . )

I spent the rest of the day pottering about and sewing ..I even managed to sew something round ! I found a small piece of gold cotton sateen and made another pincushion , trimmed with some old French ribbon that I'd had for ages . What with that and enjoying " Châles de Russie " , a beautiful book on 18th and 19th century shawls , published in 1985 by Editions d'art Aurora in Leningrad , I haven't minded the driving rain outside

But next weekend I'd like to sit here and bask a bit if I can ..... it's not mine, unfortunately, but I'll just pretend for a while and watch the boats go by .

By the way , re. the last post from Smitonius , that was just the tip of the iceberg . We are , as a family , given to hoarding .


Tania said...

So yearning for a weekend like yours - only since they come around once every seven years, I'd have to find a way to squeeze in the bench sitting regardless of rain.

Congratulations on your enviable roundy sewing!

Jo James said...

I'd be thrilled for you to join our little fabric swap :) Then we'll be international!
Could you send along your email so I can send you my land address?

Here's my e-mail:

chiconomy said...

My Saturday was dedicated to Eurovision too, we had a party where each guest brought a traditional dish from each participating country! I ended up spending theSunday clearing up after - not lazy but we didn't achieve much other than eating :)

Well done with your sewing project, after the costumes, eating and cleaning all I wanted to do was read my book.