Thursday, 21 May 2009

Art Deco For Miners


Another day off ..... the Public holidays come thick and fast at this time of year ......... and in theory , I was supposed to be tidying up . Well , it started off reasonably enough . Then I kept finding things I'd forgotten about .
Like a bound collection of Steenkool for 1947 . It was the official magazine for the Dutch coal industry , with not only dry production statistics but also articles about Saint Barbara , the patron saint of mineworkers , stories for children , recipes for camping holidays , sport , gardening , chess . And , of course , advertisements

For the ladies of the house

For the houseproud

And for the miners themselves

It's a fascinating mixture But the one at the top is my favourite .


Tania said...

Just to get things straight: HOUSEWORK SHOULD NEVER BE PERFORMED ON A PUBLIC HOLIDAY. At least that is one mantra I intend to stick to! (gorgeous graphic images in those treasures of yours).

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

It's O.K. I was really just trying to clear a space to sit down !