Sunday, 10 May 2009

Button Mania ?


I strongly refute any suggestion that I am in the grip of button-mania

I also sew ..................... with the occasional button , it's true

Now and then , there's a miniature quilt ..........

But I do have to admit a certain concentration on them of late . As I cycled past a field yesterday , I was reminded that I really must go to the hairdresser

And is there a Flickr site for Surprisingly Large Domestic Cobwebs ?


Tania said...

Refute all you like - this girl ain't buying none of it!

Our dog is now looking like that pony. Note to self: 'GET ACT TOGETHER'.

Redwoodhouse said...

I am so pleased there are other people that adore buttons, I also love them. The little cushion is lovely a perfect place for a button...
Your quilts are so amazing, I have never tried quilting and I dare not start anything new until I have finished my jumper which I think will be quite a while.

Wendy said...

That little pillow is SO CUTE! I wish I could sew. I have absolute NO talent in that regard at all. None. More power to you! :)