Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Holding The Fort

Sonata :
Smitonius is very , very busy at the moment ..... blogging is a luxury that she can't allow herself for a week or so.
So I'm left holding the fort . Do any of you remember those rather odd little documentaries they used to put on television if ever the scheduled programme conked out for some reason ? It always seemed to be " The Potter's Wheel " . Though there might have been one about the Mail train to Scotland , as well .
Anyway , this is my version'll get the odd totally random photo from me till Normal Service Is Resumed .

Not having any of a potter's wheel , I thought you'd like to see our local museum's shutters .


Tania said...

I DO like seeing your local museum's shutters! Can we see more totally random photos of shutters? We don't get 'em around here.

Duyvken said...

I adore totally random and intriguing photo posts. Those shutters are lovely!