Friday, 1 May 2009

Painting? Hatching? Eating!


On Sunday we went up to the Alexandra Palace market to have coffee, people-watch and buy vegetables and other goodies. The sun was shining and everybody and their dog was out:

This market does not only sell food, as the odd creative stalls can be found too - such as this one which sells wooden animals and seats:

And a yarn seller is regularly there as well, Silkwood yarns. This time I couldn't resist a skein of handspun silk:Aren't the colours pretty? We also bought the large goose egg, which the seller packs up for you in a plastic carton with straw (for some reason). As we sat and had coffee a woman asked me, 'are you going to paint it?'... and I said 'no'. A little later on, the venison seller asked me 'are you going to hatch it?'... I said 'no. We are going to eat it'. And, dear readers, we did... very tasty it was too.

Oh, and on the way home, we stopped off at a little antique shop... and found these cute vintage salt and peppers...

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Tania said...

Hang on a tick! How does one best prepare a large goose egg for optimal eating? Trust the lovely salt and peppers came in handy for goose egg eating...