Friday, 8 May 2009

Let me eat cake!


I have been on a low-fat diet for a couple of months, due to suspected gallstones (now confirmed, so into the operating room at some point).... although I mostly miss cheese and eating out in restaurants, it has been a great way of loosing weight and finding new recipes. I do not normally crave for cakes or puddings, but the other day I surfed the net to find a recipe for a low-fat scone or a muffin. What I found instead was this tasty recipe: low fat honey oat scones.

The only extra ingredient I have used is a spoonful of 'mixed spice', and did not use 'egg substitute' but 2 eggs. It is very tasty indeed and so quick and easy to make!

Sonata, currently gripped by button-mania (I am envious, as she seems to find some really nice ones over in Holland!), sent me a little button parcel this week (thanks!). One of the buttons inspired me to make a bracelet or two using some indigo hand-dyed beads from my stash. That white glass Art Deco polka dot one in the middle was in the package, don't they look summery?:


Tania said...

How can a cake possibly fail when presented on a beautiful plate like that? You have seriously made me rethink that truly evil, calorific Lumberjack cake I was about to whip up for afternoon tea tomorrow. I just calculated it's price in gym visits!

lisette said...

gorgeous buttons! and i'm going to try that recipe it sounds yummy.

btw thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) i'm very pleased to have found yours